Xenotactics is a tactical sci-fi skirmish game where rival warbands face off on worlds far far away.

The gameplay is centered around meaningful player decisions. Among other things, you'll be making tough choices activating your warband, reacting to enemies during their turn and deciding when to play it safe and when to take risks.

Simplicity is sophistication. Xenotactics has no modifiers to calculate, tables to look up or counters to clutter the battlefield. A mission lasts under an hour so you can finish a short campaign in an evening. Or play best out of three if you have a competitive craving. As warbands only number a few miniatures they're quick to paint and prepare for battle.

Xenotactics is also about creativity. There is no official background story but you can certainly use it for existing settings or make up your own. Likewise the game is not associated with any specific line of models, instead you use whatever models you like best or happen to own. For this purpose the game features a system for creating characters from scratch. By design, Xenotactics plays well with miniatures from any manufacturer.