Simple rules for using 2mm micro tanks. 3 to 5 bases per stand

These rules are intended to provide a quick and simple method of fighting large scale battles using 2mm scale micro tanks and infantry.

The basis of the system is that armour is grouped on bases, each base containing several vehicles making up a troop, section or any other low level organisation element. Infantry bases are of 8-12 men or 1-3 heavy weapons. Vehicle bases are of 2-5 vehicles.

The effectiveness of each "base" depends upon the type and quality of the vehicles and the number of vehicles in the unit. The `quality' of an armoured unit takes into account the thickness and slope of armour, whether the vehicle is turreted, etc. Infantry are assumed to be of equal quality, regardless of their nationality.

The use of card bases for each unit allows their "vital statistics" to be recorded underneath, i.e. Attack and Defence factors, weapon range and movement rate. Bases for all units should be 1" square. The tables included in these rules allow the use of all major vehicles of World War 2. Any vehicles that have not been included can be used by assessing their effectiveness against the vehicles shown and allotting an attack and defence factor and movement rate.

All references to die rolls use a D6; all distances are in metres; the groundscale is 50 metres = 1".

Designer: Andrew Thomas

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File:Ww2 micro.pdf