Comprehensive Rules for Aerial Combat in World War 2, includes aircraft charts in one zipped file

Warbirds in Miniature is a game that recreates the epic struggles in the skies during World War II. This rule set will guide you as you embark upon a great adventure in the midst of a world at war, the world of Warbirds in Miniature.

In 1982 GDW published Blue Max, Dogfights over France. A quick, easy to learn, World War I dogfight game. From that time to this there have been many attempts to upgrade the system to World War II, mostly unsuccessful. Warbirds in Miniature does for World War II air gaming what Blue Max did for World War I air game enthusiasts.

Using the basic Blue Max system, Trent Burg has created a clean, accurate rendition of World War II in the air. Everything is here; from dive bombing and strafing, to escort and intercept, in an easy to learn and fun to play system. It is my choice for World War II air gaming, and sure to become yours.

Designer: Trent Burg

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