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This set of rules has been developed to give a reasonably historical result for a large fleet action in about three hours of playing time

During WW2, there were few actions involving classical fleet battles as had occurred in WW1. Where the possibility did exist, there seems to have been a lack of political will to do so. This has made true comparisons very difficult. However, there were several landmark developments that can assist us. Japan’s 1925 Tosa experiments caused a major rethink about the type and placement of armour protection on capital ships. Greater emphasis began to be put on torpedo protection and anti-flooding measures. By 1930, it suddenly became obvious to the major naval powers their WW1 fleets had become dangerously obsolete. The 1935 Washington Naval Treaty limiting the tonnage of new capital ships resulted in Britain, Germany and to a lesser extent Japan designing capital ships light on protection and gun power. The ‘pocket battleship’ Deutschland is a well-known example. With 11-inch guns and an armour base of 4 inches, she was only suitable for convoy raiding.

The British King George V class suffered from the same design limitations. 14” guns and smaller engines were incorporated into the design to reduce overall tonnage. This made them slow fuel guzzlers without the punch of their American counterparts. The Rodney and Nelson had their stern section literally redesigned out of existence in order to accommodate the provisions of the treaty. Essentially, European and Japanese capital ship design became a matter of political expedience, rather than military requirement.

Designer: David Child-Dennis

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