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A WarEngine game is a fast and furious battle between opposing forces that blaze away in dramatic firefights and desperate close assaults, complete with heroic leaders, grizzled veterans of countless conflicts, and terrified rabble troops prepared to run at the first opportunity. You determine the strategic and tactical maneuvering of your force, guiding them to either glorious victory or bitter defeat.

Players using The WarEngine control figures representing individual combatants, either heroic characters or their soldiers, minions, and followers. Following the rules presented in this book, each player takes turns moving groups of his figures and declaring their attacks. How far the figures can move, how strong their attacks are, and how likely they are to survive other figures’ attacks are determined beforehand by characteristics. Dice rolls made at the time of attacks add an element of chance and luck making it possible for the lowliest trooper to occasionally fell the greatest of heroes. Of course, the hero will almost certainly escape such inauspicious destruction, but that’s why there are other heroes, right?

based around d6 dice

Designer: Dark Tortoise Productions

Link to Rules[]

Just the Rules - Retrieved from the Wayback Machine version of the Wiki

File:The WarEngine.pdf

Would recommend joining the yahoo group to gain access to army lists and extensive resources, takes about 12-24 hours to be approved

Avaliable at the below link but the old Wiki is very fragmented.