When the ANCIENT WAR GAMES RESEARCH GROUP was set up in 1969, it consisted of three people - "Bob" O'Brien, Phil Barker and Ed Smith (Bob and Phil are shown here). They produced the first set of Ancient Wargames Rules for the National Championships held in Worthing that summer and sufficient copies were printed for those taking part in the Championship

Version 1Edit

Version 2Edit

The version of the second edition Ancients included here has the last set of amendments, dated February 1971, inserted in it.

Version 3Edit

Published in September 1971 and lasted for two years. During that time at least one set of amendments was produced and they have been inserted into the copy scanned and included here. It was the set used by Phil's wife Sue and some of the changes have been written in in her handwriting.

Version 4Edit

Published in August 1973 and continued in use for the next two years. This version had at least one set of amendments added and is the last version in use.

Version 5Edit

Published in January 1976 and amendments were produced in November 1976 and November 1977.