Typhoon. Cover
Designer David Child-Dennis
Matt Irsik
Type of Game "Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d6


Typhoon is a set of miniatures rules for modern jet combat, specifically designed as an introductory level game for those gamers who wish to use the most current aircraft, but to not get bogged down in the complexity of hi-tech jet warfare. The game’s systems allow each player to control several jets in a fast paced game that can be easily completed in a few hours.

Modern jet combat, particularly with aircraft such as the F-22, Eurofighter, and SU-35 can be extremely complex with the wide variety of radars, ECM, DDS, weapons, etc., which can bring a game to a crawl when using these planes. Typhoon attempts to incorporate the technology into the various game systems which lets the players fly and fight their jets without having to worry about whether or not you have enough chaff or flares still left in your dispensers to defeat the enemy’s next attack.

This makes Typhoon an ideal way to get new gamers into the modern jet combat era as they can focus on the basics of jet combat instead of memorizing a two page sequence of play.

The game is designed to be used without a hex mat or special stands, so this will let gamers use any miniatures that they have and however they are currently mounted for the game.

Hopefully, Typhoon will introduce gamers to the exciting world of hitech jet combat and let them use some of the most powerful aircraft in aviation history in a fun and fast moving game.



Rules Link One:File:Typhoon.pdf

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