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The year is 2114 and it has been forty two years since the nuclear fire engulfed our world, since those cataclysmic times the survivors spread across the planet have slowly but surely rebuilt.

The nations we once knew are gone now, in their place new forces have emerged. This is the story of those “Neo Nations” and the numerous rabble that they fight to purge the world of everyday.

The system is meant to be played at around platoon level which would be anywhere from 8-16 troops depending on what kind of company you are. Initially the game will be based around a light infantry company and whatever attachments they have been allocated by high command

Designer: John D

Trench 2114 Mass Combat[]

These rules represent a slight change from the 28mm version. The obvious reason for the difference is based on the new battlefield perspective. In Trench 2114 we are dealing with combat forces ranging from platoons to full companies. In Trench Advanced we are now dealing with the very low end being company based with the ability to rise to battalion, brigade and even division if willing to spend days playing a game!

We will first discuss the basic stat line available to a unit/platoon in the game. You will find that the stat lines for Trench Advanced units are not that dissimilar from the ones for the 28mm version, though their usage in this game may be slightly different.

Designer: John D

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