These rules have been specifically designed for competition play for divisional to corps, medium sized battles. The rules have been kept relatively simplistic but enough to provide a flavour of Napoleonic warfare. There is no requirement for on table markers to denote unit status or order counters to distract from the tabletop spectacle, although players will find them useful. Although some of the mechanisms may appear abstract compared to other Napoleonic rulesets, their purpose is first and foremost to provide an enjoyable wargame that isn’t bogged down with tables and continuously having to look up rules.

They have been compiled to use for battles during the age of Napoleon in Europe, roughly from 1794 to 1815. The emphasis has been placed on command and control at the Divisional and Corps level. Each national army has been categorised according to the prevalent command system used through the Napoleonic era. The basis for different command systems in use during the age of Napoleon has followed Nosworthy and other writers. These are the Linear (also called the Prussian’) and the Impulse (also called the ‘French’) command systems. This ruleset also includes an ‘Improved’ Linear system, as the structure and command of many national armies was not static through the period but would change periodically.

Author: Richard Young



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