In the Middle Ages, the ultimate sport was the Tournament. Nobles and peasants alike eagerly flocked to the Tournament Fields of Europe. There a knight could win prize, renown, and the heart of a lady. it was the ultimate place to see and be seen. Now you can take the role of a Liege Lord leading his retinue of Knights across the Tournament Fields of Western Europe winning fame and fortune. You will face your rial Liege Lords to see who can earn the most renown and treasure.

Tournament: Pageantry and Pain is best used as a campaign game where you select which knights in your retinue participate in various Tournament events. You and your opponent then play through the various events and determine who is the winner. Along the way your retinue will endure hardship through injury and death, but will gain skill-at-arms and prize money. Beware, for the Tournament was as dangerous as it was splendid. Serious injury and even death could await those brave, noble warriors who take to the field.

This game uses the following:

- Players make tactical and strategic choices

- Campaign or One-off play

- Retinue building and growth

- Customization

- This is more than just Jousting

- Retinues of 3-10 models

- if you have a Medieval army, than you have everything you need to play

You can find the rules of play here:

To the Tilts!