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Tour of Duty
Designer Mike Adams
Type of Game "Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d6


This set of rules is primarily intended to cover small-scale actions in the Vietnam War between US forces and Communist forces. The intention is to emphasise the features which make this war of unique and special interest.

The basis of the rules is the proven system I have used for small-scale actions in World War II (in fact the Russo-German War), themselves based on “Battle!” By Charles Grant.

Moving the period up to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s introduces a lot of new weaponry, in addition to the World War II vintage weaponry which is still in evidence. In order to minimise the complexity of rules for different weapons, I have opted to make a number of simplifications and generalisations.

The main features which are new to these rules compared to the set for the Russo-German War are: higher volumes of small-arms fire, leading to an increased use of pinning and suppression tactics; helicopters; evacuation of wounded and killed; fighting in dense terrain, including ambushes and booby-traps; involvement of civilians.

I have changed the turn sequence so that it is no longer predictable. This should add a frustration factor for the stronger side at the same time as creating opportunities for the weaker side.



Rules Link One:File:Tour of duty.pdf