The Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 1941

November 1941. War clouds are gathering in the Pacific. Tensions have been increasing between Japan and the US since Japan’s invasion of China in 1931. The US has enacted an oil embargo against Japan following the invasion of French Indochina in 1940. Diplomatic negotiations are at an impasse. Anticipating hostilities, the Imperial Japanese Navy has planned a surprise attack against US forces at Pearl Harbor, HI. US intelligence has intercepted coded Japanese messages and has concluded that an attack is likely somewhere in the Pacific, most likely in the Philippines, between December 1st and 10th. As a precaution, the Alert Status on the Hawaiian island of Oahu has been raised from peacetime Alert Level 0 to Alert Level 1. Limited resources are available to selectively increase the Alert Level to 2 or 3, but extended increases in alert levels will unnecessarily tire men and consume limited supplies.

Tora! Tora! Tora! is a game played in two parts – a strategic planning phase followed by a tactical attack phase. US players must decide how to employ limited forces in and around Pearl Harbor over the 10 day vulnerability period. Japanese players must select the timing, direction, and composition of the attack in order to inflict enough damage to prevent the US Pacific Fleet from interfering with future Japanese war plans in Southeast Asia. Game file downloads are located at the bottom of the screen.

Designer: Pete Pellegrino

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