Free rules, including scenarios, covering WWII tactical battles at a scale of 1 base equals an infantry section, single vehicle or single support weapon. The game is played on a hexed playing area. Importantly, this is a compact game, with most scenarios only needing a grid that is 8 hexes wide by 6 deep and if using a 4" hex, that only requires a 2' x 3' playing area.

The base rule book has vehicle stats for east front circa 1943 to 44, which are supported by the 6 scenarios in the rulebook.

Complexity is at the lower end of the spectrum, the system uses hits against soft targets on 5's and 6's (it does not use saving rolls) and uses a D10 for armour combat. It is solitaire friendly, can be played in an hour or so and gives a good narrative to play.

The rules were specifically designed for gamers who have limited gaming space or through disability cannot reach across larger gaming areas.

The rules are supported at the authors blog LINK


The 1944 - ‘45 west front expansion

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2 Additional 1942 scenarios