The Lionel Tarr Modern Warfare Rules. Written sometime around 1959, these are as published in Don Featherstone's original 1962 book 'War Games' - retyped and made available to nostalgic wargamers everywhere.

From Jim Wallman who digitized these RulesEdit

These rules hold a special place in my affection, in that they were the first set of ‘serious’ wargame rules I ever used. First published (so far as I’m aware) in Don Featherstone’s 1962 book ‘War Games’ – the rules seemed to have everything – tanks, infantry, even aircraft.

When I cam across them sometime around 1968, if found that at last I had a game that made sense of having lots of toy Airfix tanks and infantry. Later I discovered that Lionel Tarr had written the rules for his long running solo refight of the Eastern Front – apparently played over a period of 10 years). I was also surprised to learn that he started his campaign in 1959. So they have a long and respectable pedigree.

Anyway, for some entertainment I re-typed the rules to play at a weekend wargames conference run by Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group – as a sort of nostalgia trip. It was surprising just how many of those present remembered them.

I still think these are easy to understand and readily playable rules – and despite their age (45 at the time of writing) – they stand up well against more recent offerings. So – I commend the Lionel Tarr Modern Warfare Rules to you – try them, have fun.

Jim Wallman Streatham

Designer: Lionel Tarr

Saved by: Jim Wallman

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