Charlie Foxtrot for WWII!.Think the Dirty Dozen in 1/72 scale

During WWII, Certain people saw a need for a special warfare brigade for certain missions. The had to be expendable, well trained with nothing to lose. Most of the brigade was made up of degredents from other companies. This was a chance for them to prove themselves. The were call the 1st special forces or, "The devils Brigade".

I, the Ghillie, originally created a game called Charlie Foxtrot. I really love WWII as it very blunt and fast combat. Not to mention it's scale and technology. So, I converted the rules from CF to fit the WWII era. As you notice, most have been deleted or changed. I felt the need to simplify the game a lot as WWII combat, weapons and technology was so simple. I focused more on the gameplay and miniatures. Besides, the war affected more than half the world and it's people which gives millions of possibilities for terrain and missions. Have fun!

Designer: Gary B Gill

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