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The Book and Gun
The Book and The Gun.jpg
Designer Dan Fraser
Type of Game "Skirmish" - Individual Soldiers and Units
Type of Dice d6, d10


This set of rules is an abstraction based on the “THE SWORD AND THE FLAME” war game dealing with the post modern “Three Block War”. These rules are not meant to be a complete set encompassing all aspects of modern warfare.

This rules set has been developed primarily to focus on an infantry existence in modern day war. So, I have tried to keep the level of complexity within the scope of the original rules set. That being said, the abstraction allows that a bolt action rifle is a bolt action rifle, that one is a Lee Enfield and the other Mauser is meaningless, even the difference in the size of magazines is meaningless at this level of conflict simulation.

The rules used for fighting a battle with miniature figures on tabletop terrain revolve around five basic functions, each of which has many ramifications. A general description follows, and this will offer an overview of what actions a tabletop game covers.

The Book and The Gun is a realistic small unit action war game that is easy to learn and relatively quick to play, while containing the depth needed to meet the players' desire for a realistic tactical tabletop miniatures game. Vehicles and aircraft rules have been abstracted as support for the infantry fight and to that end players should not attempt to recreate large scale mechanized actions with these rules as you will be disappointed.

Players should look at how the rules can be modified to accommodate armies of these periods. The There is no reason, with proper modification, why these rules cannot be used to portray small-scale infantry actions in Vietnam, Korea, and WW2. Indeed, these rules can portray small actions such SWAT rescues and police actions. So, it is present day, and anywhere in the world you want to take your fire team or squad and fight is up to you and your imagination. Collecting a large army is not necessary in order to play. All it takes is a minimum of 3 soldiers per side and a little bit of model terrain to enter the firefight of your life.



Rules Link One:File:The Book and The Gun.pdf