‘The Pudding War’ was a small and short lived conflict between the nations of Caerdonia and Su Khan, and was fought entirely within the Boskova Mountain range on the border between the two countries in the year 1237AC. To put that in perspective the events of my games of Deathzap take place around 2000AC.

Su Khan miners went on strike due to lack of payment and food shortages, the straw that broke the donkey’s back and the reason of the name for the war was the lack of traditional shrimp puddings given out for their new year’s celebrations. The strikes turned violent after a Su Khan soldier’s rifle reportedly misfired while attempting to hold back the strikers. Several Su Khan soldiers were beaten with clubs during an ambush and had their weapons taken which turned the conflict into a full scale battle between the miners and the soldiers. Fearing the safety of their own miners not too far away across the border Caerdonian forces arrived a few hours after the strike turned violent. Disobeying orders from his superiors Captain Lance Liger of the Caerdonian Mountain Guards decided not to simply hold the border, but moved in to see if his men could calm the situation as a neutral third party. Unfortunately the Su Khan soldiers under General Ardek Shan saw it as an act of aggression, and suspecting the Caerdonians had incited the riot to slow Su Khan mining and claim more of the resources within the Boskovan Mountains the Su Khan soldiers opened fire. The following happened hours later as two patrols attempting to spy out the surrounding area clash by an old destroyed mission

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