TACTICAL COMMAND is designed for fast play, and the core rules are only a few pages long. Although they are relatively simple, they offer built-in abstracted command rules and fairly detailed vehicle and combat characteristics. Scale is 1" = 100 yards, and each stand represents a platoon of vehicles, men, or towed guns.

The intention was to create a set of rules that would not take a new player all day to figure out. This means more time is spent playing and focusing on tactics than flipping through a huge rulebook. TACTICAL COMMAND is a streamlined set of rules. Too many sets of rules at this level have far too much individual weapon detail. Using some games, players feel more like bookkeepers, but in TACTICAL COMMAND much of this unnecessary detail is abstracted. If you want to keep track of hit location, stand damage, and ammo supply, this is not the game for you and a skirmish-level set of rules may be more appropriate.

Designer: Michael J. Licari,

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