This rule set is the product of years of searching and playtesting by Robert Whitfield and myself. We tested this set extensively from 1980 to 1986, and had many happy hours afloat. Sometime after that, the only existing copy of the rules was lost, although the ship status sheets and some battle notes survived. This is an attempt to re-create the body of the rules.

Note that all measurement is in inches. The Jackson Gamers use 1/1200 ships which are really too large, but we use what we have. Smaller ships could be used without changing a thing. If you want to reduce everything, all ranges could be cut in half, or you could just use centimeters instead of inches for all measurement.

There is no exact scale for these rules. The Jackson Gamers (survivors of the 60s) believe that "if it feels right, it is right". These rules have always felt right.

I would like to dedicate it to “Whit” without whose help and encouragement and many good ideas it would not exist.

Designer: Jay Stribling

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