Welcome to Sturmovik Commander – a wargame which deals with air combat during World War Two. The game is based on a manoeuvre system and, unlike most wargaming systems, isn't based on alternating turns. Before you start, remember one important thing: this is just a game, not a dull simulation, and so many aspects are simplified or a little abstracted. Our main idea was to write a fast and easy system, with few tables and with a minimum of book-keeping and overdone rules. On the other hand, not everything is perfectly balanced, as Sturmovik Commander is based on historical factors.

Sturmovik Commander is an open system – the squadron lists or rules presented here are not finalised, and later we will add more plane types, ships or ground targets. For this game you will need a table to play on (around 4'x6' for medium battles) a couple of D6 dice, a measuring tape and, of course, miniatures to represent aircraft and ground targets. We recommend the use of 6mm or 10mm scale aircraft, mounted on round or hexagonal bases (about 30mm in diameter). You may use this same scale to represent the ground targets in the game. In case of ships or other large objects, use 1/1200 or 1/2400 miniatures (as no wargame keeps consistent scale).

Before the game, print the counters from the pdfs and cut them out carefully – you will need them to represent speed, altitude and other information about the aircraft. This will save bookkeeping during the game. Alternatively you may use green and blue D10 dice to represent speed and altitude. And one last note: you may consider the text style of this document a little crude, but this is intentional. Simple text is much easier to interpret, and much more understandable for non-English players, and simple formatting makes the rules printer friendly.

Designer: Marcin Gerkowicz & Iain Werry

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