This is a set of wargame rules intended to simulate actions between about one brigade equivalent a side, supported by divisional or even corps troops where they would have been available.

This therefore represents a departure from the normal pattern of wargame rules for models, for this period, which have hitherto tended to be set at company level, and are entirely unsuitable to simulate larger actions. In STONK the details of tank versus tank actions (which feature so importantly in other sets) have been greatly simplified. This is for two reasons; first to shift the emphasis onto other types of combat at this level, and secondly because pure tank versus tank battles are very unrepresentative of the type of action most often fought at this level of operations in this theatre of warfare.

To this end, the smallest separately represented unit is the platoon or troop. This is shown on the table top by a cardboard base of the appropriate size, on which a suitable number of 1/300 scale models are mounted - the exact number per base can be varied to meet your own taste and financial resources.

Designer: Jim Wallman

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