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The game Starwar was designed first to be a companion to Starguard, which would enable the players to move troops through interstellar space, engaging in ship to ship combat whenever necessary, and then moving over to Starguard rules when the troops are landed.

Secondly, Starwar was designed to be a component in a larger comprehensive science fiction game system, which will include a role-playing game. As such Starwar players are in the position of individual starship commanders, deciding whether to shunt available power to weapons or engines. It is a complex game requiring skill and a cool head. A skillful player in a small ship can often beat a less skillful player in a larger, more powerful ship.

Speed of play is another advantage to Starwar. The average engagement seldom lasts more than ten turns, which can be played in one to one and a half hours. Starwar can be played either as a two-dimensional game or as a three-dimensional game utilizing the cast starships available from McEwan Miniatures.

Designer: Unknown

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