World War 2 variant for Stargrunt II rules.

These rules modifications are definitely not intended to cover mass armour actions across the rolling steppes. We play with a platoon or two of infantry, the odd troop of armour support in fairly close terrain. The emphasis is slightly different from SG2 in that armour rules are less detailed, thus allowing tanks and infantry a more equal part in the action. Players like tanks, so their mechanics are more like the infantry rules. This in turn makes the rules for tanks lean more towards game rather than simulation. If you don’t like that then either use the sg2 rules for tanks or leave them out. The vast majority of platoon actions involved no tanks. The emphasis is on producing a result which seems ‘about right’ with the minimal mechanics. Be aware that in order to avoid reams of stats there’s an assumption herein that the reader knows WW2 weapons and tanks reasonably well.

Designer: Andy O'Neill

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