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The SLIM rules are an “out of the box” conversion for tabletop miniature play of the Squad Leader board game. The idea behind these rules was to provide an enjoyable and accurate simulation of infantry combat without sacrificing playability. Emphasis is on weaponry, maneuver and, above all else, leadership. You can do almost anything you want, at a die roll penalty of course! Sound tactical application of the basic principles of war should give an edge, but Fate always seems to rear its ugly head!

SLIM is a turn and phase-based game. The phasing player is the Attacker. The non-phasing player is the Defender. Once all players have completed a player turn one game turn has elapsed. One player turn equals about two minutes of “real time”, regardless of the actual time required to complete the turn. One inch on the tabletop equals approximately 40 meters on the ground. Units are mounted on appropriately sized bases. One base equals one squad, leader, artillery piece or vehicle. Base size and number of figures mounted are irrelevant – they’re purely aesthetic. A suggestion is to use 1” bases and mount three figures per base for squads, two figures per base for crew and one figure per base for leaders. Artillery and vehicles should be mounted individually on suitably sized bases and may include integral crew if so desired. You should also provide appropriately based vehicle and gun crews for those times when the vehicle or gun is abandoned or destroyed and the crew survives.

Original Miniature Rules Conversion by Fred Scudiery Rules Revision and Design Layout by Bill Littlefield

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