A kick-ass board game printed in Inquest #41, September 1998, only to be lost on the board gaming community and never to be printed again.

Space station Zemo-a wacky sci-fi board game from the twisted minds at InQuest. Zemo: The final frontier. These are the escapades of the inhabitants of Space Station Zemo. Their mission: to boldly blow up where noone has blown up before-or to get the hell off the station before it explodes...

Since your reading Inquest, we figure you've played a fair share of games and are smarter than the avrage droid and should be able to catch onto this wacky boardgame faster than you can eat a bowl of "Spaceballs." The next two pages tell you everything you need to know how to play.

Designer: Inquest staff

Art: Brian Douglas Ahern

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