This is a game played with 1/35 or 1/32 scale military miniatures. It is primarily an infantry game although some light vehicles or AFVs make appearances from time to time. Anyone who wants to play this game but not in 54mm. will find that these rules work very well with no changes in any scale down to 15mm. They will show the vulnerability of the "Poor Bloody Infantry" in any size. Very small scales such as 12mm or smaller will probably not work as well, because they seem to emphasize the armored fighting vehicle, while these rules emphasize the infantry battle.

If you play this rules set in a scale smaller than 54mm, there may be a tendancy to want to reduce the weapons ranges. Please do not. Try the rules as written because they show quite well the inability of men to move quickly compared to the ranges of the weapons. I have played in a game run by Dwayne Balius using these rules as written, but with 25mm figures. It played very well with no changes.

Designer: Jackson Gamer

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