Simple Solo Wild West
Designer Mark Ainsworth
Type of Game "Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies
Type of Dice d20 and a coin


The setting for these rules is the Wild West, The 7th Cavalry against the plains Indians. Most Important is you understand the concept and adapt these rules to suit your own gaming period! I toyed with many ways to create a SOLO wargame that was enjoyable, and unpredictable. I didn’t want to simply move for one side, then the other, so I implemented "Orders", by orders I mean I made a set of typical orders for the army. As the games begins you make your moves and shoot etc.. then your enemies(7th cavalry) units(I use 4 figures per unit) throw a dice for there orders. the enemy carries out these orders, but also must act to any situation as they carry-out these orders, the situations could be, come under fire, sighting the enemy within a certain range, etc...



Rules (ODT): File:Simple_wildwest.odt

Rules (PDF): File:Simple_wildwest.pdf


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