Seas of Lead
WW2 Naval Miniature/Card Game
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Introduction Edit

Something we believe in, when making a miniature game, is giving the player choice. There are plenty of games about naval and air combat in World War II, but many of these games have a routine. This is generally along the lines of: Move, Shoot, Repeat. Seas of Lead is meant to be something different. Of course, there will be moving and shooting, and that will repeat, but how you move and shoot will be different. Every unit has a certain amount of actions and a larger amount of abilities. The player must decide how to allocate their actions to get the most out of their units each turn, giving the player far more choice in how they will play the game. As this game is currently in beta, feedback would be greatly considered. After playing a few games, we would love if you told us how you feel about SoL by emailing us at This will help us to make the game the greatest it can be. And of course, please send us pictures and battle reports.

Overview: Edit

Seas of Lead covers the Pacific Theatre of the Second World War. SoL uses both miniatures and cards for a unique style of gameplay. Each unit has a special set of actions to use in combination with the rest of the fleet.


There are currently 27 playable units/cards from the famed A6M 'Zero' fighter to the staple Fletcher class destroyer. Each of these units (even of the same class) have different capabilities based on their real-world performance.