Coastal Forces duties in WW2 were amongst the most romantic, dashing and potentially hazardous duties that a sailor could undertake during WW2. Small craft, close-nit crews and a high degree of autonomy in terms of operations and equipment, coupled with an image and operational style somewhat akin to that of an air forces’ fighters, served to generate a culture of individualism and expertise that captures the imagination of naval historians and wargamers alike. The latter I guess are also attracted by the modelling potential and the ability to personalise their craft to an extent that surpasses more traditional naval forces. The nature of Coastal Forces actions themselves are also popular with wargamers seeking a short, sharp battle at close quarters.

These rules are intended for very quick, deadly battles fought between WW2 Schnellboote, MTBs, MGBs and other craft of the “Mosquito Fleets”. They have been designed to be played on a wargamer’s standard 8x6 or 6x4 foot table and hence missile ranges have been heavily compressed. The current rules cover coastal forces boats, small surface ships (up to destroyers) and fighter aircraft only (future work may see larger vessels and submarines added)

Designer: David Manley

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