Scavengers is a game that passes in a world different from ours, with a mixture of magic, steampunk, and lots of history. I did not mention it, but I love writing, and during this time I designed the system, I wrote a lot of lore that I intend to put together with the game, My native language is not English but Portuguese (I was born in Portugal) and I’m translating / Locating all this material for English.

The game was designed thinking in skirmishes combats, small groups of warriors who are fighting each other in pursuit of a larger goal. I have added to this some characteristics that I will present here:

- System based on 6-sided dices;

- Live system, constantly expanding and with rules entry and new game supplements

- 1/100 scale (15mm can be used as well)

- 3D print miniatures available for free

- Movement system using tape measure or hexes grid

- Action cards to increase the aspects of gameplay

- Simple rules that allow the novice player to enter in an easy way in the game and advanced rules system for the more experienced.

- 2 initial factions: humans and orcs

The game is being released with two initial booklets

- Core rules, the basic rules of the game that cover the primary aspects of gameplay

- Encyclopedia Belicosa - Official Magazine with supplementary information that will contain: additional rules, game factions, stories and a whole series of information for the player Belicosa will be launched regularly as if it were “a magazine” for the game. (By the way, we will accept collaborations)

Download the game here

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