Light narrative Roleplaying System. Developed as a greatly simplified version of RUGS. It is a rules-light universal system with all the advantages and unique features of RUGS, but in greatly reduced form.

Saga is a free traditional pen and paper roleplaying game, written by a veteran gamer and overt anarchist. This system is set apart from conventional RPGs by several unique traits. The Saga system is universal, meaning it can be used to explore any gaming genre or campaign setting. It is also rules-light and focused on storytelling rather than statistics and point counting, meaning that the system is primarily narrative in nature. It is not a diceless system, but dice do not dominate gameplay in a Saga adventure.

Saga is NOT a stereotypical roleplaying game. This game seeks to abolish harmful, nonsensical stereotypes so commonly found in storygaming. You're surely familiar with such type-casting: all Dwarves are Scottishaccent having, beer-drinking, bearded, axe-wielding miners, while Elves are all lithe archers who live in and love the woods. Or, worse yet, Orcs are all stupid, evil, hulking brutes whose only love in life is destruction. Even beyond these things, the idea that all fantasy worlds must have Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs is itself a bad stereotype.

Designer: Rowan Walking Wolf

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