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Red Star White Star
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Designer David Child-Dennis
Type of Game "Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies
Type of Dice d6


The rules have been designed to give players an accurate, yet manageable game in a 2-3 hour playing time. In these rules, combat occurs in three distinct zones. (1) Within the horizon. (2) Over the horizon and (3) Underwater. The horizon has a nominal range of up to 24 inches, while beyond the horizon is limited to 48 inches or the average width of a gaming table. Most torpedo attack ranges are limited to 12 inches, although some torpedoes can operate beyond the horizon. The game system allows for a movement rate of 8” per game turn for all vessels and unlimited for aircraft. This gives a reasonable appearance of movement for 1:3000 scale ships.

Modern ships possess a much more sophisticated weapon and sensor array than was available in WW2. Most defensive systems are ‘layered’ in that they are capable of engaging incoming attacks at long range (over the horizon or at very high altitude) within the horizon, (about 15 miles) and very close to the vessel itself. Missiles form the long and medium range defense while gatling weapons deal with threats under 1500m. Many of these systems are fully automated and do not require operator intervention to engage a target. This is especially true of ‘CIWS” systems that are a final defense against incoming missiles. In addition, a large array of sophisticated electronic support measures (ESM and ECM) attempt to mislead or jam enemy radar and missile control signals. The Russians and presumably NATO, both deploy nuclear evasion torpedoes designed to cause a significant blast wave in front of incoming enemy torpedoes



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