Sci Fi version of the Red Storm (Modern) and Lightning War (WW2) rules for small scale miniatures with several bases representing a battalion.

Plasma Storm represents a further expansion of the Lightening War system and is intended to allow combat from roughly 1900 to 2100 ish, although players should try to keep with 10 years or so for a scenario. To do this has introduced some more complexity to the rules, so that the existing sets should be used for in-period games. This set is “hard” science fiction, or future history. An expansion to cover a more gothic type of game may be prepared latter. They should still allow very large battles to be played through in a reasonable time period. Also some of the concepts can be used with the earlier sets, particularly weather effects, and rules for deep reconnaissance.

Basic units remain battalions(or sometimes Regiments), a group of 1 to 6 bases, where each base is a Company/Squadron sized unit. Optionally some platoon sized units may be used.

Units are grouped into Brigades. A brigade commands two to six battalions, and it’s HQ is represented by a company sized base. Brigades in turn are grouped into Formations, normally called Divisons, although some armies omit the Brigade level HQ, and almost all directly attach some Units directly to the Division HQ. The HQ is unit sized, with one to five bases. Above Division comes Corp(sometimes called Army), which controls one or more divisions.

Designer: Phoenix Games

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