Generic and easy wargaming system designed to be played quickly, in any genre and with any scale of miniatures (or even using paper chits). It's intended for massive 1/285 scale battles in particularly.

Designer: Matthew Vincent

Avaliable Army Lists

  • Structures- Buildings and such to add to the battlefield.
  • Ancients/Biblical- Ancient armies from Biblical times.
  • Iliad- Ancient Greece
  • Fantasy- Similar to Warhammer Fantasy units.
  • Man O’ War- Fantasy naval units.
  • Conquistadores- Inca, Aztec and Cortez
  • Napoleonic- Napoleon era armies.
  • ACW- American Civil War.
  • Battleships- Turn of the century naval units.
  • War of the Worlds- Based on the H.G. Wells novel.
  • Modern- U.S. forces.
  • Modern (International)- List of worldwide armies.
  • Vietnam- Vietnam era units (provided by Paul N. Thanks Paul!).
  • Cinematic- From Sci-fi movies: Aliens, Predator & Starship Troopers.
  • Monster Island- Godzilla type monsters.
  • Superheroes- Generic heroes that you can customize.
  • Car Wars- An adaptation of SJ GamesÔ auto-dueling system.
  • Paranoia- Alpha Complex forces.
  • Flash Gordon- Armies on Mongo.
  • Daleks- Robots from Dr. Who.
  • Futuristic- Majority of Sci-Fi units.
  • Ogre- From the SJ GamesÔ miniature system.
  • Battletech- Rules for Mechs, aerospace fighters and tanks.
  • Star Wars- Based on the original movie trilogy.
  • Dune- Based on Frank Herbert’s novels.
  • Warhammer 40K & Epic (Adapted from NetEpic.)-
    • Spacemarine
    • Imperial
    • Titan Legions
    • Eldar
    • Ork
    • Squat
    • Chaos
    • Tyranid
    • Eldar Pirates
    • Slann & Necron
    • Assassins
    • Sororitas
    • Water Units (Adapted from WetEpic)
  • Mythological (Adapted from Encyclopedia Mythica. No religious connotations should be made.)
    • Greek- Olympian Gods and mythical creatures.
    • Roman- Mostly the same as Greek gods.
    • Norse- Viking gods. Re-create Ragnarok.
    • Judaic/Christian- Biblical powers.
    • Egyptian

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