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OMOG; One Man, One Gun is an exciting series of games for small battles with toy soldiers by Thor Sheil and A. Sheil. OMOG is a game for toy soldiers and any available space. It can be played on a desktop, a coffee table, a countertop or other surface. The game itself is simple, easy to learn and easy to play. Games can be brief enough to be played on a lunch break. Aside from soldiers, the only equipment is a six inch ruler and a pair of dice or six coins. Rules for covering following periods:

- 20th and 21st Century soldiers

- 19th Century (1850-1900) and The American Civil War

- Muskets for 1740-1830 and The American Revolution

- OMOG Oldstyle for "Little Wars" type armies

- OMOK; One Man, One Knight for Ancient and Medieval soldiers

With supplements for:

- Samurai supplement for OMOK

- Space and Science Fiction supplement for OMOG Advanced

- Zombie supplement for OMOG Advanced,One%20Man%2C%20One%20Gun,-An%20exciting%20new