No Limits

No Limits is a generic science fiction miniatures game system for use with miniatures from any 25mm to 30mm manufacturer. These rules cover everything you need to start playing No Limits.

Why another game system? There have been many great games systems over the years. Some have fallen by the way never to return. Like many other gamers, miniatures collected and painted from now defunct manufacturers end up sitting in the attic gathering dust or being sold on ebay for a fraction of their worth. These forces were collected usually because the miniatures sparked some enthusiasm or desire to collect a particular force.

No Limits has been created to allow these miniatures to be used again. In fact, the intention is more to allow players to pick and mix models from various forces and create their own unique army. It is still best to keep to a flavour or style and try to use models that look as if they fight on the same side. Mixing some lightly armoured infantry and giant hulking slavering alien beasts on the same side may not necessarily work, unless the lightly armoured infantry were riding the hulking slavering alien beasts

Designer: Wargames Unlimited


  • Basic Rules
  • Abilities and Hardware
  • Force Creator
  • Cards and Templates
  • Plus many more expansions and additions

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