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The world of No Future is a nightmare world. The structure of society has collapsed and anarchy reigns in the inner city streets.

Out of this chaos, people gather together in gangs, laying claim to the broken down tenement houses and abandoned warehouses, fighting over territory, food, money, drugs, everything.

Every now and then, the police authorities will raid an area and clear out the gangs so the good folk in the protected corporate suburbs believe that law and order still prevail. But these raids are rare. Even the police are wary about entering the no-go areas controlled by gangs with nothing to lose – no hope, no bright tomorrow, no future.

No Future is a skirmish game representing battles between small gangs on the inner city streets of a lawless tomorrow. It gives a playable, fun skirmish game, allowing for an element of roleplay in the campaign rules. I suggest that you field no more then ten or twelve figures per side at the most, gangs of five to eight members seem to work best.

I imagine the type of gang warfare No Future represents would consist of a lot of gunfire but few hits with the combatants’ confidence and morale being tested to the limit as the bullets fly and they start to take wounds. I’ve tried to balance this with playability, so more often than not your gang leader will charge in, laying waste to all about him, but sometimes the circumstances will be too much for him, his confidence will crack, and he’ll run away, crying like a baby!

Designer: Rob Goodfellow

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