NetEpic V5

Although only modest in size (100,000 light-years across), the galaxy contains around four hundred thousand million stars. Though humanity has explored only a fraction of these by the 41st century, countless millions of systems have been settled and humankind has encountered hundreds of alien races. Unfortunately, not all of them are friendly. In the dark and Gothic future of the 41st millennium there is only war, and peace is only a brief time of preparation before further fighting.

NetEpic is designed for the 6 mm scale, also known as 1:300 in the UK and 1:285 in the US (which are effectively the same thing). Each model represents one real vehicle or between three and ten soldiers. A suggested ground scale is 25 mm = 100 meters, but in most cases the true scale is pretty irrelevant. As

Designer: NetEpic Discussion Group

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