Necromunda Underhive CE
Necromunda Underhive

The Necromunda game allows you to fight conflicts between rival Underhive gangs on the tabletop. The opposing gangs are represented by models, assembled and painted by yourself, each representing an individual gang fighter. You'll find more information about the different cultures and peoples of Necromunda in the later sections of this book. Your tabletop becomes a part of the Underhive, the scene of the action, with ruined buildings, gantries and multi-level walkways.

The aim of the game is to outfight your opponent, which requires a mixture of skill and luck. You'll soon learn how to arm and equip your gang efficiently, and how to exploit the ruins and other terrain to your best advantage. You'll also want to expand your gangs beyond the models provided in the game. Many models are available for the different gangs and new models are coming out all the time. With these you can expand your collection, equip fighters with different weapons, and add more powerful characters.

Designer: Games Workshop - Continued Updates by Necromunda Community

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