A map game about giant dinosaurs and other monsters terrorising downtown Amsterdam. Designed for a large number of players(around 20-30) - though will work as a club project for about 6-8 players too

The game is set in the present day, and is intended to expand the basic idea of 'a monster destroying the city' a little further than just pouring lots of firepower into the monster until it, inevitably, falls over.

There is a significant political dimension to this game (as there would be in any real-world crisis), and for this reason all the players represent the authorities. The monsters themselves (once you understand their motivations) have few real decisions to make, so they will be run by Game Control.

There will be no winners or losers in this game the conventional sense.

You will all know at the end how well you did, and whether your political or operational objectives were met (or not). In the end you all want the same thing. To save Amsterdam. Can you do it?

Designer: Jim Wallman

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