Prussian assault during a typical game

Mollwitz to Freiberg is a set of rules for playing tabletop wargames representing battles in the middle of the 18th Century of European history, using 25-30mm size model soldiers. The rules cover the period roughly 1740-1790.

One model infantry or cavalry figure represents 25 actual men. One cannon model represents two actual guns.

All distance and range measurements in the game are made in inches.

One inch on the game table represents 20 actual paces (about 50 feet), taking an average of the many shifting definitions of a “pace” as two and one-half feet.

A turn in the game represents more or less 15 minutes of real time: a lot of “hurry up and wait” mixed with bursts of intense activity.

Dice are used to determine the outcome of variable events such as firing and combat. All dice used in the game are 6-sided.