Modern Lightning War
Modern lightning
Designer David Child-Dennis
Type of Game

"Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies

Type of Dice d6


Command, Control and Communication are the cornerstone of every modern army. Without knowing what is happening and where, commanders are effectively blind. Modern communications equipment is not perfect by any means but it is a lot better than WW2 and even the Vietnam era. With the introduction of the computer, a whole array of communication devices have become available that allow commanders much greater latitude in their decisions. Some British units in the Gulf war were equipped with lightweight battlefield cameras based on computer web-cam and cell-phone technology. Commanders are able to see what their troops are dealing with immediately and make a decision accordingly. Troops no longer need to be in visual contact with their platoon or higher headquarters in order to receive new orders or complete existing ones.



Rules (1/72): File:Lightning War.pdf

Rules (1/300): File:ModernLightning.pdf