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Missiles at Sea
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Designer Scott Elaurant
Type of Game

"Tactical" - Squads, Platoons and Companies

Type of Dice ??


Missiles at Sea (MAS) is a set of rules for wargames using naval miniatures of ships of the modern era (1967 onwards). It includes rules and statistics to allow the playing of naval battles from the Cold War (1967 to 1990) as well as the current day (2000 to 2015). MAS is intended as an expansion to the Victory at Sea © miniatures rules published by Mongoose Games. This supplement is produced without their permission but no challenge to their copyright is intended. A copy of Victory At Sea rules is not required to use this supplement. However the rule changes are intended to be as few as possible so that the flavour of Victory at Sea games is retained.

MAS is designed to be played with similar sized fleets on a typical 6 feet x 4 feet wargame table. Fleet sizes of 5 or 6 choices at Priority Level: Battle are recommended. Alternatively, a point system is recommended.

Players should appreciate that while MAS is meant to be as accurate as practical, it is a game of naval warfare, not a simulation. Hopefully it will reward realistic tactics and punish bad ones. Nevertheless, it contains many abstractions that remove it from reality. Some abstractions are to make the game simple enough to be playable, while others are to ensure play balance. The real world is not balanced, but we like our games to be. A point system is included for players to construct balanced fleets.



Rules Link One:File:Missles at Sea modern.pdf