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MechWarrior: Dark Age is an exciting and fast-paced miniatures combat game set in a 32nd-century universe, where war is dominated by three-story high humanoid vehicles called BattleMechs (or ’Mechs for short). Using collectable MechWarrior: Dark Age miniatures, you can command your battleforce and compete against other players to help your faction dominate the known universe.

Note: This Game contained the unit information on each models base.

Designer: Wizkids Games

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and Mech/Unit Stats

Unofficial Modifications[edit | edit source]

Mechwarrior Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Like many players, I have been greatly disappointed by the change in policy of the Hasbro Company, which has decided, for whatever reason, to discontinue their support for the MechWarrior game system. Kevin Barrett wrote the original rules, giving new life to the Mechs, but the real break through came with the creation of the ‘combat dial system’ by Jordan Weisman. It removed the tiresome paper record keeping from model gaming – and for that we should all be thankful… I certainly am!

After playing the original rules, I believe there are a small number of modifications that can be incorporated, which, will hopefully rekindle the interest in the table game once again.

Designer:David Child-Dennis

File:Building adverts mechwarrior.pdf

File:Building banners2.pdf

File:Building symbols.pdf

File:City block blocking terrain.pdf

File:City Block C .pdf


File:Industrial Complex.pdf

File:Industrial Tower template .pdf

File:Mechwarrior attack defence rules.pdf

File:Mechwarrior attack defence table layout.pdf

File:Mechwarrior Resurrection.pdf

File:MW score card.pdf

File:Rough water2.pdf

File:Rough water 4.pdf

File:Rough water 5.pdf

File:Rough water terrain.pdf

File:Space hulk flooring .pdf

File:Standard woodland.pdf

File:Symbols for buildings and forts.pdf

File:Terrain textured.pdf

File:Watercourse terrain .pdf


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