There are 2 sets of rules with this name.

Lightning WarEdit

The basic unit of control is the battalion. This is a unit of individual bases , where each base represents a company (or squadron of tanks). The focus of Lightning War is not on detail but on troop types and the training of the soldiers involved.

Designed by: Andrew Stevenson

Lightning WarEdit

In 1:72 or 1:76 scales, which this set of rules is specifically designed for, the average 6 foot by 4 foot gaming table is a mere 914 meters by 609 meters at a 1:50 ground scale. Measuring such distances for tank or anti-tank gunnery is a rather pointless exercise. It is more realistic to assume that all tank gun and missile fire will be well within normal battle ranges and it is only necessary to make adjustments to accuracy for movement and target obscuration. While I have added a penalty for guns firing at over half the table in range – which must be visually estimated by players, but presents little difficulty - I have done so only to make shooting over 400 yards in average European day time visibility, a little more difficult. This is designed to make an allowance for the inevitable smoke and haze that covers all battlefields.

Designed by: David Child-Dennis