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A miniature game which combines the spectacle and craft of a miniature game with the fun and ease of play of a board game.

The Labyrintus board is made up of a grid of 7x7 tiles. Each tile is quartered into 4 spaces which are used for the movement of miniatures. For example a move of ‘4’ would mean counting 4 of these spaces.

The four outer sides each contain one doorway. These outer walls and doors never move during a game.

The inner walls are made up of 36 pillared walls and 10 fill walls. The pillared walls stand in the gutters between the tiles with the pillar in the intersection.

The fill walls have no pillar and can be placed in the gutters between two pillars.

The gutters have no effect on game play and may be moved or fought across freely.

Designer: Victoria Lamb

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