Free Expansions for "Hour of Glory " by Warm Acre.

Killing Time 1Edit

THE BUNKER: How we made the Warm Acre 3D Stronghold

ADVANCED DEFENCE: It’s time to take control of your Stronghold!

GUARDS! GUARDS!: Enhance your roster with Stormtroopers and Guard dogs

EXTRACTION: Rescue Professor Bloom from the Baron’s clutches

Killing Time 2Edit

GLORY DAYS:The evolution of Hour of Glory


SARGE?: Basic Bunkerstorm Strategy

STORM FORCES: Bunkerstorm teams

COMPLETE THE ELITE:Customising your BS team

FIRE IN THE HOLE: Grenades in Bunkerstorm

LOCKED & LOADED?: Weapons and mobility explained

SUPPLEMENTAL: More new rules for Bunkerstorm

Killing Time 3Edit

RACHAEL KNIGHTNew character for Hour of Glory

THE ARMOURYNew weapons & equipment

SABOTAGESABRE's third mission won't end quietly

THE DARK ARTS : A mixed bag of new covert rules

COMBAT & SURVIVALWith added blood 'n' guts

LABORATORYA free construction project for your 3D Bunker.