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The Desert war was one of great sweeps over open terrain, dust clouds, roasting heat in day, bitter cold at night. With few civilians and horses to collaterally damage and no SS, it was a clean war (if being torn apart by explosives or dying of thirst is "clean") and the tank crews often considered themselves like knights racing across the sands. It made Rommel one of the best known leaders of the war and was the only time the Germans had practically all their troops on vehicles.

Get a grip on the battle scale being used. It's 1941-42 you are in charge of perhaps the entire Duetches Afrika Korps or 8th Army! Most units equate to battalions giving about a dozen bases per Division. At this level of gaming only large tactically vital positions such as hilltop positions for a battalion become relevant, not looking for a hull-down position for a single tank! The side that is moving will usually get in the first shot, so mobility is often better than standing still. In the desert it is easy to use space to pull back and blast the enemy at ranges where they cannot get at you.

The three forces were Germans (veteran Panzer formations), their Axis chums the Italians (often brave but with poor gear and leadership) against the British Empire. The Germans have better reconnaissance units and advanced tank and anti-tank tactics centred on the terrifying 88mm cannon.



KISS Game Rules.

File:KISS Rommel Deluxe.pdf

Card set for KISS rules + extra cards for Pete Jones' 1944-45 variant. [1944-45 set did not specify card numbers or types.] (Optional) Cards can be used for a hidden setup. Reveal once an enemy ground unit or card (including the blank one) gets to 18", with troops being positioned adjacent to the card no nearer than 18" to enemy. Cards move 6" regardless of actual type. NM 2018.


KISS Blitzkrieg

KISS NW Europe

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