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These is a very simple game for play on beach or in backyard, with plastic toy soldiers. The focus is on a fast-action game, easy to learn and easy to play. Our game is for small battles, only - with forces of 100 men or less on each side.

NOTE: these rules are very similar to Sandpit Showdown.  There are essential differences in weaponry and command.  Certain weapons do not act the same in this game, as we have taken into account such things as flintlock pistols and the differences between muskets and rifles.  (In this era, rifles could not be fitted with a bayonet!  Only muskets had the bayonet attachment!)

Here's what you need:

Kite string
Sand pail, cup and a disk segmented into quarters (i.e. marker on paper plate)
Two regular dice
plastic toy pirates, sailors, ships, cannons, etc.