Infinity is a futuristic universe, shaped and controlled by secret and clandestine operations. Well, the moment has come for those operations see the light. The moment has come for Infinity Tournament.

Infinity, a science fiction miniatures combat game Infinity is a miniatures game that simulates futuristic combat in a sci-fi environment.

Infinity recreates fast, lethal and high-risk Direct Action operations: missions occurring right in the thick of battle, or behind enemy lines in critical hot spots. Players command a small group of elite soldiers, carefully chosen for their suitability to the battlefield conditions. In this way, a force’s composition will vary according to the mission, as every assignment will demand a different array of soldiers trained in different skills and belonging to different regiments or units. Infinity is an innovative, exciting and entertaining game system that allows simultaneous participation of all players involved. Being realistic and flexible, Infinity encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactical manoeuvres.

Designer: Infinity

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